• Glossa a Latin Dictionary

    The Glossa latin dictionary has been created on the basis of  A Latin Dictionary: Founded on Andrews’ Edition of Freund’s Latin Dictionary: Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten by Charlton T. Lewis, Ph.D. and Charles Short, LL.D (commonly referred to... See more

  • Dictionary of Novohispanic Abbreviations

    The Centro de Estudios Mayas del Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas de la UNAM (Center of Maya Studies of the Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) offers a digital tool essential for American paleographers. Its Diccionario de... See more

  • Repositorio documental GREDOS (Universidad de Salamanca)

    GREDOS is the acronym of the Management System of the Documentary Repository of the University of Salamanca.  This platform allows the consultation of on-line documents with historic, scientific, didactic and institutional contents. The University of Salamanca disseminates in open access... See more