• Corpus Diacrónico y Diatópico del Español de América (Cordiam)

    The Corpus Diacrónico y Diatópico del Español de América (Cordiam), of the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua is a strong digital tool that allows to learn about the historic varieties of American Spanish. For this purpose, and in cooperation with the... See more

  • General File of RAE

    The RAE has several digital tools that facilitate research. The General File complements the information available in the dictionaries (DRAE, DPD, Autoridades, among others) with the lexicographic material used by the academics for the elaboration of the entries. It surprises the number... See more

  • Corpus Diacrónico del Español (CORDE)

    The Corpus Diachronic of Spanish (CORDE) is a textual corpus of all the times and places in which Spanish was spoken, from the beginning of the language until 1975, in which it limits with the Corpus of Reference of Current... See more