Literatura del Siglo de Oro

  • La casa di Lope

    Founded by Stefano Arata, the "Casa di Lope" (or "House of Lope", in Spanish) should be a real meeting place between scholars and students interested in the Spanish Golden Theater; its headquarters was what was then called Dipartimento di Studi... See more

  • Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. See more

  • Grupo de Investigación Siglo de Oro

    GRISO (Grupo de Investigación Siglo de Oro) is a group of researchers from the University de Navarra with members associated from different universities, founded in 1990 by Ignacio Arellano. The most important research line of GRISO is “Golden Age”, and... See more

  • Instituto de Estudios Auriseculares (IDEA)

    The Instituto de Estudios Auriseculares (IDEA) is a non-profit association. The aims of this association are focused in the development of research on the Golden Age period, understood in a broad sense (16th and 17th centuries), preferably in the field of... See more

  • Hipogrifo. Revista de literatura y cultura del Siglo de Oro

    Hipogrifo. Revista de literatura y cultura del Siglo de Oro. It is a publication devoted to the Golden Age in the broad sense and includes collaborations (studies, notes, bibliographies, reviews, news, etc.) in any subject or gender with an open... See more

  • Bibliografía de Escritoras Españolas (BIESES)

    The project BIESES is the acronym for Bibliography of women writers This opens access database for all researchers, was created by the need to complete, collect and systematize information sources not available about feminine writing, given the fact that until... See more