• Archive of Early American Images

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  • Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro

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  • The Classics Page

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  • Joyas de la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú (BNP)

    Esta colección, Joyas de la BNP, de la nueva biblioteca digital de la BNP reúne 39 impresos limeños que van de 1584 a 1619. A estos primeros libros salidos de las prensas peruanas se les llama también incunables peruanos, que forman... See more

  • Corpus Diacrónico y Diatópico del Español de América (Cordiam)

    The Corpus Diacrónico y Diatópico del Español de América (Cordiam), of the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua is a strong digital tool that allows to learn about the historic varieties of American Spanish. For this purpose, and in cooperation with the... See more

  • Sociedad Indiana

    This blog is the dissemination body of the working group on social history of the Indian world. It was created in July 2015 at the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas of the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Our purpose is to... See more

  • Monastic Matrix

    Monastic Matrix is an ongoing collaborative effort by an international group of scholars of medieval history, religion, history of art, archaeology, religion, and other disciplines, as well as librarians and experts in computer technology. Our goal is to document the... See more

  • Adenda. Letras novohispanas

    The Magazine Adenda. Letras novohispanas disseminates the work of the research group of the Seminario de Edición Crítica de Textos ( Workshop of critical editions of texts) which is a part of the project “Rescate, diffusion y studio del patrimonio... See more

  • Digital data base of Medieval Iconography

    Monks with astrolabe, Salterio de Blanca de Castilla, Queen of France S. XIII, National Library of France, Ms Arsenal Lat. 1186, f. 1v The Project for Innovation and Quality Teaching “Base de datos digital de Iconografía Medieval” (Database of Medieval... See more

  • Glossa a Latin Dictionary

    The Glossa latin dictionary has been created on the basis of  A Latin Dictionary: Founded on Andrews’ Edition of Freund’s Latin Dictionary: Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten by Charlton T. Lewis, Ph.D. and Charles Short, LL.D (commonly referred to... See more