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The project BIESES is the acronym for Bibliography of women writers This opens access database for all researchers, was created by the need to complete, collect and systematize information sources not available about feminine writing, given the fact that until the creation of Bieses there was no exhaustive overall repertoire that covered this literary production. The objective of BIESES is to answer some basic questions about Spanish writers before the XIX century: How many were there in all?   Who were they? What was their social or biographic profile? Where did they live? How much did they write? What kind of works did they write? Where did they publish them? Who read them?

It was also necessary to know who had studied and published them nowadays to dispose of all the information about the subject, in order to start a research of quality. The best book available for the collection, cataloging and systematization of this information is a database which allows us to handle a wide amount of information and has been designed from the relevant philological sources and the questions we wanted to answer.