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Portal de Archivos Españoles

The Portal of Spanish Archives is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport intended for the dissemination through Internet of the Historical Documentary Spanish Heritage preserved in its network of centers.

As an open and dynamic project is a framework for other archive projects of public or private nature, previously established in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

PARES offers free access, not only for researchers, but for every citizen interested in looking for documents with digital images in the Spanish Archives.

Without a doubt, PARES is a portal, that is to say, a door to the most important enclosures that safeguard the documentary heritage of the Hispanic world. But, like many access to sacred temples, this portal is a challenge for researchers and, even more, for lay readers. Thanks to the Hispanist Elizabeth Davis, we have the tutorial written by the historians Scott Ryan Cave and Ashleigh Dean that represents a very useful tool to walk through the rooms of the immense museum of the Spanish archives.