Baroque of both worlds. Views from Puebla

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Barroco de ambos mundos. Miradas desde Puebla offers a series of interdisciplinary and transatlantic works on various themes and problems of this period, with particular attention to the modalities of the Indian Baroque. The diversity of approaches and reasons addressed, without claiming to be exhaust, allows us to take on a basic state of affairs that can be very useful for researchers or those who are curious about a cultural phenomenon of such magnitude on both sides of the ocean.

Ignacio Arellano is professor at Universidad de Navarra and has been a visiting professor at numerous universities throughout the world. He directs the Grupo de Investigación Siglo de Oro (GRISO) at Universidad de Navarra, where he develops an extensive research program on the Golden Age, which includes the critical edition project of the complete autos of Calderón and Lope de Vega, the complete theater of Tirso de Molina and Bances Candamo, or the publication of La Perinola. Revista de investigación quevediana and the Anuario Calderoniano.

Robin Ann Rice is full-time professor and researcher at the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP). She is a member of the National Research System (SNI), she holds a PhD in Hispanic Philology from the Universidad de Navarra. Her previous studies are in the area of Comparative Literature. She is the author of books and articles on Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Isabel de la Encarnación, Vélez de Guevara, Lope de Vega, María de Zayas, Mariana de Carvajal and Miguel de Cervantes, among others.

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