Biblioteca Santa Rosa de Lima

Since in 1907 Father Domingo Angulo published his Santa Rosa de Santa María. Bibliographic study 110 years have passed, and also 400 years of which Leonardo Hansen called the precious death of the first American saint. Throughout these centuries, studies on Santa Rosa de Lima have multiplied favorably, but the texts that forged their legend and their history have remained within the reach of only a few scholars.

Today the digital humanities serve our project of diffusion and preservation of the American textual heritage. More precisely it serves to create a digital collection of the santarrosina literature inaugurated in century XVII from the Hispanic Orb towards the rest of the world. In this way, an important American textual heritage because of its historical relevance such as that of Santa Rosa de Lima is available and summarized.

This vast set of texts constitutes one of the earliest and perhaps most significant global phenomena of the Spanish Orb. The sacred life, the hagiography of Rosa de Santa María was written in the most important languages ​​of the modern world and motivated an unprecedented sacred and cultural phenomenon. This collection returns to the faithful and the scholar the possibility of accessing this vast literature to understand the true international dimension of the Viceroyalty of Perú.

Here you will find the main hagiographies, holiday relationships, a book of emblems and epic literature devoted to the Patroness of America and The Philippines. It is an open collection that will grow with the contribution of the faithful and scholars of the first flower of American holiness.

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