Complete Anatomy of Man, by Martín Martínez (1728)

Martin Martinez was a pioneer of modern science in Spain who lived in the seventeenth century. Doctor and philosopher, he served at the General Hospital of Madrid and directly to the monarch Felipe V. During his life he wrote various scientific and philosophical volumes, especially related to the human anatomy and the debate of Aristotelian and Greco-Latin ideas in general, regarding the science. His book of anatomy was an obligatory reference of any study during the eighteenth century.

Santiago de Cárdenas mentions the book of Martínez as La Cartilla de Martínez, which led us suppose with a certain confidence that he talks about his volume of anatomy. The reference slides when he argues his cultivated knowledge on the matter. Cárdenas says that although he knew these issues, when he was forced to discuss them with other educated men –understanding by this with other cultivated or educated in science men– to ratify his knowledge with professional texts.

Libros de Martín Martínez

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