Cook Art by Francisco Martínez Motiño


Francisco Martínez Motiño is commonly known as Martínez Motiño or simply Montiño (with a variant of the maternal surname). The history of cooking, more precisely of the Hispanic courteous cooking, remembers him like the cook of the Felipes, from II to IV. His book Arte de cozina  (Cookery art) has, in fact, a more extensive title that explains its content: Arte de Cozina, Pasteleria, Vizcocheria y Conserveria (Art of Cooking, Pastry, Bakery and Preserved Food). Luis Sánchez prints on 1611 the first edition. Later in 1617, Juan de la Cuesta reprints the book with the same cover. Since then, Cook’s Art of Montiño has become a Hispanic best seller (with more than 25 reprints) and, therefore, is of special interest to review the history of the food of the American viceroyalties. Unlike manuscripts and the first printed in Spanish language, Montiño already incorporates inputs such as the potato, called “criadillas de la tierra” (testicles of the earth) that appear in a kind of proto tortilla.

The book is divided into two parts: the first dedicated to the cleaning and care of utensils and table; the second, to the most complete recipe book of Hispanic modernity (containing 488 recipes, plus about fifty preservatives and jellies)


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