Courtesan theatre and description of a party in Sardinia (1641): panegyrics and prowess’s of the Princes of Oria, by Francisco Tello


In the summer of 1641, at the same time with the feast of the Virgen del Carmen, some extraordinary public celebrations were held in the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, which is now possible to evoke thanks to the recent retrieval of several texts related to that court theatre party, admired by the spectators of the time with the title Panegíricos y proezas de los príncipes de Oria. It is a play in verse, in three acts (each one day) and with an introductory praise, represented and edited that same year in Cagliari along with a copy of the description of the party that describes carefully how they were carried out both the Theatrical performance as well as the preparations for the urban festivities.

The materials that are studied and edited in this volume allow us to enrich the corpus of Hispano-Sardinian theatre known up to these days, which had fundamentally only a limited series of religious dramaturgical texts. News and occasional references in various texts and documents suggest that theatrical production during the modern age on the island, especially in the Jesuit and the court space, was not as limited as the preserved texts might indicate.


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