Description of the travel in the sea of the south along the coasts of Chile, Peru and Brazil

With the complete name of Relation du voyage de la mer du Sud aux cotes du Chili, du Perou, et du Bresil, fait pendant les années 1712, 1713 & 1714 (1717) was published in Amsterdam the work of Louis Amadeo Frezier. This is the result of the trip for two years that he made between 1712 and 1714 to Chile and Peru. As a scientist (naturalist and explorer) he was able to give an interesting report of the agricultural status of both nations, thanks to the fact that he was a specialized naturalist capable of describing crops. In his stories he provides information on ports, cities (he described Callao, Lima, Arica among other cities and ports), customs, agricultural and economic activities, among others.


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