El Quijote desde América (Segunda parte)

The «Quijote» from America (Second Part) is a homage to Don Quixote (1615) by a group of distinguished specialists from both sides of the Atlantic. It is a way of recognizing, and celebrating, the immediate arrival of the Cervantes masterpiece to America and its deep subsequent impact on many important aspects of the American culture. The works focus either on the themes and episodes of the Second Part of Don Quixote or on the traces of the work in various spheres of literary and artistic production of the American continent.


Ignacio Arellano is a professor at the University of Navarra, a specialist in literature of the Golden Age. He has published some 150 books and nearly four hundred articles in specialized journals. He is also author of the blog El jardín de los clásicos / The garden of the classics. Duilio Ayalamacedo teaches courses in the transatlantic studies specialty (XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries). He has published  A esta hora y Moradas.  James Iffland has taught Spanish and Latin American literature at Boston University since 1974. He is the author of Quevedo and the Grotesque, De fiestas y aguafiestas: risa locura e ideología en Cervantes y Avellaneda, among other titles. He is co-editor of “El Quijote” desde America. He is also Associate Editor of Cervantes: The Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America.



Hipogrifo, Vol. 4, Núm. 2 (2016)

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