Entre la historia y la ficción: estudio y edición de «Historia del Huérfano» de Andrés de León

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The Hispanic Society of America preserves a manuscript copy that should have been printed in Seville in 1621, but for some reason never appeared published. It is Historia del huérfano, written by Andrés de León (pseudonym of Martín de León y Cárdenas). She narrates, in the third person, the life of a young man from Granada. With only fourteen years of age, the Orphan embarks to the New World and, thus, begins a series of adventures and misfortunes that will take him to travel both South America and the Caribbean as well as much of Spain and Italy. The Historia is made up of 328 folios and is accompanied by more than a hundred poems attributed to the protagonist, but possibly written by the author of the work. This volume proposes a critical edition of the manuscript, accompanied by a rigorous set of notes and an introductory study designed to facilitate understanding of the text.

The Historia del huérfano, one of the first fictional texts written about viceregal America, constitutes an extremely rich and complex text, written halfway between two continents and at a time when the jump of chronicle begins to unfold in the colonies. to fiction.

Belinda Palacios has a doctorate in Colonial Hispanic Literature from the University of Geneva. At this moment, she is developing his post-doctorate at the University of Geneva, where she also teaches, since September 2014, courses and seminars on colonial and contemporary Spanish-American literature, and introductory text analysis. Her research focuses especially on the Crónicas de Indias and current Peruvian literature. She has participated in numerous conferences in Switzerland and abroad.

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