Events of the Philippines

The Catholic monarchy established its presence in the overseas territories on the basis of a high bureaucracy that − in the exercise of its profession− crossed all the territories of the empire. Viceroys, oidores, prosecutors, among other public officials passed through the Caribbean, the Philippines, Mexico, Central America and the Andes. Some of them, such as the case of Antonio de Morga, decided to seize their experience and the information they were collecting at the time, in books and treatises published. The interesting and important contribution of Morga’s work is that he integrates the history of the Philippines under a vision of an empire, that associates Nueva España, as well as Peru, not to mention the relationship with Japan, China and other economically interconnected areas. Certainly, it is a valuable reference material to study the links between Peru and Asia, a task in which historiography has revealed names of people linked to the Peruvian Viceroyalty who had an active participation in the local history of various  territories of the continent Asian.


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