La bienaventurada Rosa peruana de Santa María de la Orden de Santo Domingo. Su admirable vida y preciosa muerte

The Dominican fray Jacinto Parra was widely involved in the santarrosino process. To him we owe the compilation of sermons and descriptions of festivals entitled Rosa laureada and, of course, the translation of the famous hagiography of Leonardo Hansen. Although Hansen’s hagiography is not the first and Parra’s translation does not hold that place either, it is worth mentioning that it is the most well-known translation of what was Santa Rosa’s official hagiography.

The official, or rather imperial, character of Jacinto Parra’s translation lies precisely in the various documents (paratexts) that accompany the hagiography. This, divided into 32 chapters followed by an appendix that includes the narration of miracles, brings a protest, a dedication to the Peruvian general Manuel de Benavides y de la Cueva de Dávila and a prologue to the prayerful reader. The same translator emphasizes the need to know the virtues of Rosa de Santa María’s life from her American condition. On the other hand, the volume incorporates both the letter from Mariana de Austria in which she asks that solemn feasts be held for the beatification, as well as a letter from the general of the Order of Santo Domingo, the decree of the Sacred Congregation de los Ritos and a translation of the decree of the beatification, among others.

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