Mujer y literatura femenina en la América virreinal

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This book makes available to the reader a series of works dedicated to women of the viceregal America, women who were writers or protagonists of relevant events in the conquest of various territories of the region. Along with the studies dedicated to summits of colonial letters such as sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, we find in these pages others that focus on figures such as Inés Suárez, la Malinche, Mencía de los Nidos and Mencía Calderón de Sanabria; in current novohispanian women such as Teresa Villasana and María Maturana; in nuns like Josefa Azaña y Llano and Úrsula Suárez, or even in antiheroines such as Catalina de los Rios Lisperguer -the Quintrala-, among others.

Didactic materials

Material didáctico. Mujer y literatura femenina en la América Virreinal.

by Martina Vinatea (PDF)

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