Nahuatl-Spanish Dictionary based on the dictionaries of Alonso de Molina with Normalized Nahuatl and Modern Spanish


This dictionary comes entirely from the dictionary published by Fray Alonso de Molina in 1571 with the title of Diccionario náhuatl-español Basado en los diccionarios de Alonso de Molina con el náhuatl normalizado y el español modernizado, whose importance has been pondered numerous times, besides being the main source of almost all the Lexicographic works of the Nahuatl until today. It has been achieved that the first part of the original, that corresponds to the entries of Spanish and their equivalents in Nahuatl, appear in this edition incorporated to the second, which offers the repertory of terms in Nahuatl with their definitions in Spanish. The entries of the first part have been inverted to integrate them in the second. In this way the number of records in the Nahuatl language offered here has been considerably increased with respect to those contained in Molina’s original work. Besides of making these rich materials accessible to those interested, this dictionary offers a modern graphic of both the Nahuatl and Spanish terms, and the alphabet has been modernized, making your consultation much easier.


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