Relic of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Carmen de Lima

The Monastery of Our Lady of Carmen was founded in Lima on 17 December 1643. The Order of the Descalzas Carmelites sent as a gift a relic of the Prolífica Madre Santa Teresa de Ávila, o de Jesús. It consists of a the letter dated 28 August 1575, signed in Seville, which was addressed to Mother Maria Bautista.

Today the value of this holographic writing transcends its own literality, since its prevailing quality is the one of a sacred object of the hand of the venerated Saint of Avila. In spite of this, the cloitresses of the monastery have restored the writing that for centuries was preserved in an urn. In spite of its deterioration, we share the two folios that compose the letter with the corresponding modern edition of the same Obras completas, Edición manual, Madrid, Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 1962, pp. 717-718). As a cover of this relic we have chosen an oil from the second half of the seventeenth century, located in the Church of Santa Teresa in Pernambuco, Brazil, which shows the saint in the writing process

28.8.1575 Fol 1r 28.8.1575 Fol 1v 28.8.1575 Fol 2r 28.8.1575 Fol 2v

Santa Teresa BAC 717   Santa Teresa BAC 718


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