Rosa mistica. Vida y muerte de Santa Rosa de S. Maria Virgen

Fray Antonio González Acuña, Bishop of Caracas, was the procurator of the cause of beatification of Rosa de Lima in Rome. This Lima’s native dressed early the habit of Santo Domingo in the great convent of the Rosario. There he became a professor and, later, at the Royal University of San Marcos, he was a professor of morals.

He was a man with special talent for ecclesiastical politics, because of that his order sent him as general procurator of his province to Europe in the year 1657. It was then that he put his best efforts to accelerate the cause of beatification of Rosa de Lima. In this way he gained affection and confidence from father Juan Bautista de Marinis, general teacher of the Order of Preachers. He became provincial of the Holy Land and Vicar General of the Province of Naples.

The hagiography of González Acuña, as he himself declares in the foreword to the reader, is characterized as the work of a countryman. In this way, even when his narrative follows the structure of Hansen’s version, already taken as a basis, it incorporates marginal information in which he reveals his American position. It will do, as is to be expected, special emphasis on the role played by the Orden de Santo Domingo in its evangelical work in the New World.