The Indians before the forums of religious justice in the Spanish American Viceroyalties

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The present volume, coordinated by Jorge Traslosheros and Ana de Zaballa Beascochea, has been digitally published by the Instituto de Investigaciones (Historical Research Institute) of the UNAM. It has six studies that give account of the legal aspects and instances of control of the population, carried out by the Catholic Church in the New World. The relationship between the indigenous population and the various church authorities in America is considered, as well as the power relations between the religious and secular institutions.

Throughout his pages the reader will find the relationship between the natives and the Santo Oficio, the ordinary ecclesiastical tribunals and episcopal visits, as well as the less tangible realities of the West Indies’ legal and religious culture. Its historiographical, analytical and conceptual richness is based on an excellent work of the sources found in the archives of Rome, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Peru. This is indeed an essential text for the study of the relationship between justice, the Church and society; this proves that the study of the administration of justice in religious matters is a privileged space to understand the social and cultural formation of the Spanish American Viceroyalties.

Los indios ante los foros de justicia.INDICE


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