Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

The Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is considered the first modern atlas, whose first edition, in Antwerp, dates from 1570. The volume is the work of the flamenco Abraham Ortelius, who was named, after 5 years of having published his famous work, royal cartographer of Felipe II of Spain. Certainly this position allowed him to elaborate maps with the privileged and secret information of the Hispanic and Portuguese cartography.

The book was quickly translated into Spanish in 1588 (edition we use as princeps Hispanica) and printed in the city of Antwerp. In the same city, a second Spanish edition was printed in 1612, including the famous portrait of Ortelius as well as all the enlargements that surpassed the 70 maps of the first edition.



Recursos digitales

Primera edición latina de 1570

Traducción española ampliada de 1612

Mapa del Virreinato del Perú

Mapa del Virreinato de la Nueva España


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