Theological practice by Miguel de Godínez (Wadding))


The Irishman Michael Wadding was a Jesuit missionary who lived for twenty years in New Spain under the name of Miguel Godínez, where he served as consultant to the Holy See since 1632. In his Práctica de la teología mística (Practice of Mystical Theology), under the Jesuit perspective, he updates mystical knowledge, integrating the intellectual method with the spiritual practice. As Godínez […] explains, unlike scholastic […] theology, mystical theology “deals with God as a kind truth, […] perfection of the will, […] removes the defects and straightens the affections to unite the soul with God, […] belonging to the children of God. With this work, the author admits, he wanted to “imitate that great doctrine of the Doctor and Mystic Teacher of the spiritual life, the virgin Saint Teresa of Jesus.


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