Valorization of the Olivar Park (Working document)

Gianfranco Vargas is an olive researcher from our Ceres Indiana line (PEI). He is the head of an interdisciplinary team consecrated to the valorization of the Olivar Park in San Isidro, a Lima district, This space, through history has received different names: first it was the prehispanic cemetery called Huaca Rimactampu, that the Dominican missionaries called Hacienda del Rosario, when they arrived.  Years after it was called Hacienda Limatambo until it became the County of San Isidro.

In addition to the fascinating history of its agriculture and farming production, the Olivar Park is today the oldest forest alive in America. It is related to the hagiography of San Martin de Porres, one of the first Lima saints, whose one of the miracles was precisely the planting of hundreds of olive cuttings in only one month.

Gianfranco Vargas studies, for the Municipality of San Isidro the full dimension of the Olivar Park, developing its history and identifying centennial olive trees (the oldest is almost four hundred years old). We share with you part of the study that is being carried out and will very soon be object of publications, conferences and other activities, that from the historical point of view, will generate material of quality, useful for culture and industry.


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