Life of Santa Rosa de Santa María … Heroic poem


Luis Antonio de Oviedo and Herrera, Conde of the Granja, published in Madrid the year 1711 one of the most relevant epic poems of the Viceroyalty of Peru: Vida de Santa Rosa (Life of Saint Rose) is a clear example of the totalizing imperial discourse of the epic: to the hagiographical narration of Saint Rose, Patron of America and The Philippines, are added chorographs of Lima and Potosí, historical chronicles, Greek-Latin mythological fables and others of Andean inspiration, as well as a powerful iconographic imaginary. With this poem, the Conde de la Granja not only summarizes the epic genre considering the Virgilio and Lucano epic influences, but he also proposes a very original vision of the imperial theopolitics, that prevailed until the end of the century. For those interested, we attach the link to the Novohispana Spanish edition of the poem, published in 1729: edición novohispana del poema.


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