Virtual Library Science and Technology in the American Enterprise


The Foundations Ignacio Larramendi and MAPFRE have arranged in cyberspace an important collection of scientific texts related to the discovery of America that profits their digitizations by various public or private entities:

The discovery of America, its methodical exploration, the analysis of the languages ​​spoken by the native Americans, and its ethnographic study, proved the high intellectual, scientific and technical qualifications of Spaniards and Portuguese. Soon the Americans themselves, Creoles or Indians would join them.

Following this exhaustive effort, the exploration also, covered the fauna and flora of the New World, so different from Europe, and allowed a fertile comparative study. In addition, it was possible to complete the circumnavigation of the globe, thanks to the cosmographic and nautical knowledge and skills of the Spaniards. The first global cycle was extended by the Nao of Manila or Spanish ship that crossed the Pacific Ocean from Acapulco to Manila twice a year, an example of the effort of sharing knowledge between America, Asia and Europe.

This new Virtual Library is the counterpoint of the Escuela de Salamanca (School of Salamanca) dedicated to law, economics and philosophical thought, also shaken by the discovery of America.

The image of all the world (Orbis terrarum) of the Manuscript Astronómico real (Ms. 2622) shows how the world was conceived in the sixteenth century: Africa, Asia, Europe, the East Indies, Nueva España and Peru. With this collection scholars of the American Viceroyalties culture will have access to the scientific documents of the time produced to explain one of the most transcendental changes in the history of humanity: the discovery of America

Here you can consult the catalog of printed or handwritten works.


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