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  • Apologetic in favor of Don Luis de Góngora de Espinosa Medrano (El Lunarejo) , (,,)

    His contemporaries knew him as El Lunarejo. Juan de Espinosa Medrano (1630? - 1688)  was probably born at the town of Calcauso, part of the Doctrine of the Bishopry of Cuzco that today belongs to the Department of Apurimac. We ignore information about his parents’ biography and formative years. Nevertheless...

  • Biblioteca Indiana, 1

    Arellano, I. y E. Godoy (eds.) Temas del Barroco hispánico 2004, 312 pp., 28.00 euros. ISBN: 84-8489-158-5 Through 19 articles, specialists analize the baroque culture in the Hispanic world among the most representative literary productions of the time. See table of contents.