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  • Mathematical Compendium, by Tomás Vicente Tosca (1707-1715) ()

    Tomás Vicente Tosca is perhaps the summit reference of Santiago de Cárdenas, because he was one of the most important Spanish intellectuals of the time. This mathematician and philosopher lived between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, developing two important works, mathematics and philosophy, which became a fundamental part of the...

  • The ten architecture books by Leon Baptista Alberto ()

    De re ædificatoria (1452) de Leon Battista Alberti Alberti was published in Spanish in 1582. The work, which circulates in manuscript and printed media, was based on the work De architectura de Vitruvio. Alberti's work is based on the ten books of the classical Latin Vitruvio’s book :   Lineamenta II. Materia...