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  • Events of the Philippines ()

    The Catholic monarchy established its presence in the overseas territories on the basis of a high bureaucracy that − in the exercise of its profession− crossed all the territories of the empire. Viceroys, oidores, prosecutors, among other public officials passed through the Caribbean, the Philippines, Mexico, Central America and the...

  • The Discovery of the Solomon Islands ()

    Historiography has many paths marked out, but there are still new paths to draw. In the same way that historiography emphasizes some actors, it also forgets others. This is the case of the Pacific exploration:  at the same time, as the crews lived the adventure of crossing the Pacific Ocean...

  • History of the discovery of the South Pole regions made by the general Pedro Fernandez de Quirós (,)

    The occupation of the territory during the construction of the Spanish Empire was not only a movement carried out by European migrants who crossed the Atlantic to settle in the Caribbean and in the Spanish-American territories, there were also men who sailed from the coasts of the Viceroys, expressing the...