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  • Critical Universal Theatre, by Benino Jerónimo Feijoo (1726-1740) ()

    Feijoo is one of the most important Spanish Enlightenment authors of the eighteenth century. His work will have a deep impact in the Spanish society because it is a pioneer effort in Spain to make an encyclopedia that collects extensive information. This effort that was born in France some decades...

  • Complete Anatomy of Man, by Martín Martínez (1728) ()

    Martin Martinez was a pioneer of modern science in Spain who lived in the seventeenth century. Doctor and philosopher, he served at the General Hospital of Madrid and directly to the monarch Felipe V. During his life he wrote various scientific and philosophical volumes, especially related to the human anatomy...

  • Anatomy, by Juan Bautista Juanini (1689) ()

    Juan Bautista Juanini was a Spanish doctor of the seventeenth century who dedicated himself to the investigation of scientific subjects related to anatomy, medicine and physical sciences. This first work that Cárdenas quotes, although it is an epistle, is around one hundred pages and is built up with the argument...